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How Do You Eat an Elephant?

In very small bites!!

This is similar to writing a book. You may recall from my last post that one of my goals to accomplish over my career/life is to write a book. I also deputized each of you to be part of my accountability group and help me reach my goal.

Here’s an update. So far, I have a title, dedication, bullet point outline and about 800 words written. FYI, a book needs to be a minimum of 60,000 words. So, for my non-math guys, my book is exactly 1.333333% complete! However, if I take my own advice and eat the elephant one small bite at a time, the book will get done.

Now I am whining, but please indulge me (this is the last time I will complain, promise.) Writing a book: it seems fairly easy – ya, for someone else and if you put your nose to the grind stone, but believe me it’s hard!! Remember, I have a full time job, wife and a family, so my writing is in my free time, which g-d forbid, interferes with “Words with Friends” time, so no more acceptances that are new.

I was having writer’s remorse that other than a good title (at least I think so and from other people’s reaction, it seemed to be good) maybe the story is not that interesting, except to my Mom. But I have the need to get it out. I feel that my story is a microcosm of most of our lives. By sharing maybe someone else’s life will be better because I ate the elephant one bite at a time!

P.S. Here’s the title: “How to get Picked last In Gym and Survive!” (The Plight of Just an Average Guy). A funny thing I discovered as I talked to people about my book is that everyone has a story they want to tell too. So this process is much more than about writing a book; its about life.

I welcome your stories and comments!!

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