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International Tax Consulting and Compliance Services

Together with our international affiliates, Warady & Davis LLP assists clients with coordinating tax planning and compliance services both in the United States and abroad.  We can help you address a wide range of international tax matters including U.S. operations of foreign owned corporations, U.S. businesses owned by non-U.S. citizens, foreign investor interests, overseas operations of U.S. companies and more.

Our team provides international tax planning, consulting and compliance services in the following areas:

For businesses & corporate entities

  • Optimization of structures for foreign investment and business operations in the U.S.
  • Structuring for acquisition, operation and disposition of U.S. real estate
  • Controlled foreign corporation issues
  • Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporations (IC-DISCs)*
* Through our affiliates

For individuals & trusts

  • U.S. executives working and residing overseas
  • Foreign executives working and residing in the U.S.
  • Tax issues for non-citizens immigrating to the U.S.
  • Tax issues for individuals considering expatriation from the U.S.
  • Gift, trust and estate considerations for non-citizens with U.S. based assets
  • U.S. beneficiaries of foreign trusts


Other matters

  • Income tax treaties and totalization agreements
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Subpart F and other anti-avoidance rules
  • Tax aspects of foreign currency exchange
  • Matters related to payments of U.S. source income to foreign persons
  • IRS voluntary disclosures for U.S. persons with undisclosed foreign income and financial accounts
  • Tax controversy, Competent Authority and other IRS matters