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Summer Reading List

What does accountability mean to you? If you are like most of us, it is the spine crawling sound of scratching your fingers on a chalkboard. (For those who remember, now they use some kind of techno method, I’m sure.)

After pondering this for some time, the best definition I have heard is “doing what you say you are going to do.”

So, if this the meaning, is actually holding yourself accountable easy?

I am actually starting an accountability group, because who cuts you more slack, the company you work for or yourself? It is a close call! As to the slack issue, I think an outside group might be the way to go, but I will share my experience and the group’s success with you in a few months.

One of my goals to accomplish over my career/life is to write a book. I have now deputized all of you as part my accountability group, so help me reach my goal and I will help you. When you next see me, ask me how my book is coming along and share something with me on you “to-do list” that hasn’t quite left the ground (yet). I promise to give you an accountability “nudge” too.

In closing, my summer reading list is actually to start writing a book.

Have a good summer and enjoy your summer reading list, whatever that might be!!

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